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Vibe Shiatsu

First Orders of Business – the “Ifs”


If you’re having your first massage, please try to arrive five minutes early.

If you arrive late to a massage, I will still end at the scheduled time. If I don’t, my next client may want to hurt you for cutting their massage short. Just think, what if my next client is a professional boxer? That would be unfortunate.

If you need to cancel, I require notice by 5pm the day prior to your massage. No-shows will be billed the full amount.

Phew, glad those are done.


Shiatsu Options


Please note, I have a limited number of appointments per month dedicated to Shiatsu.

Sixty minutes – $65

This is one hour of on-the-table massage time. Because most people don’t want ninety minutes of massage, I adapt the kata to focus on your troublesome areas. This is the best place to start, especially if this is your first experience with Shiatsu.

Ninety minutes – $95

You will be loving life after an hour and a half of massage! The traditional kata is ninety minutes, allowing me to give my full attention to each area of the body. This is a profound therapeutic experience, simultaneously relaxing and energizing.


Manual Therapy


All appointments are 60 minutes – $65

The first time you come in for a manual therapy treatment, I conduct a thorough assessment of your posture and movement, as well as discussing your lifestyle, activity levels, nutrition, work, and more. This assessment is incredibly important for creating an effective treatment plan.



Chair Massage


$1/1 minute of massage { I can do 10, 15, or 20 minute sessions per person}My minimum length is 120 minutes of massage. For businesses, payment can be handled individually by employees or in one sum by management.


To make an appointment:


(503) 507-2575




I confirm all appointments by phone. Feel free to ask for an appointment by email, just remember to include your phone number.


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