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Vibe Shiatsu

Image-59I’m Brad Hogle, Licensed Massage Therapist. Number 18615.

In my head, that sounded cooler than it looks. Alas.

It’s interesting how people view health professionals. They think we have it all figured out. If we’re PROFESSIONALS, we should be the best at this health thing. Doctors never get sick, surgeons never need surgery, physical therapists never get injured, and massage therapists are never in pain.


In fact, I had some pretty nutso health problems for six years of my life. Chronic pain was a HUGE part of that. But it ticked me off. I never understood when people said –

“Well, I just get headaches a few times a week. I deal with it.”

“There are worse problems in life than a sore neck each morning.”

“Everybody’s back hurts after work. Nothing you can do.”

Maybe that satisfied them, but I was TIRED of hurting all the time. Tension headaches every day? No thanks!

I began to read. A lot. I went further and further into the subject, learning about muscle relationships, stretching, breathing, posture, and exercise. Any source was valid – martial arts, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, advice from osteopaths and naturopaths, books from Amazon. Eventually I learned enough to stave off the worst of my pain. I’m not perfect, and I still occasionally pop an ibuprofen. But I have a HECK of a lot less daily pain than I used to.

A few years later, I thought to myself, “Well shoot, Brad, you could make a career out of this! You already spend too much time and money on this stuff.” So I did. Turned out there was a massage school right in my home town of Salem, Oregon. The rest, as they say, is history.

In a nutshell, that’s me. I am a massage therapist with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a passion about pain.